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Enhance Your Trading With Our Robust Indicators On Your Chart Powered By AI
Gain an edge in any market using our advanced system of trading tools for TradingView.
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Win any Market using our cutting edge AI Powered indicators
Just one robust trading system is enough to make lifetime money. Out of years of experience and practical trading insights, we have developed indicators which will help you trade with ease and confidence. They will not only cut the short term volatility but also help you to ride the trade till the last minute of the trend.
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Why Choose Us?
We will help you create a trading view profile and set up the indicators you request. You can chat with us, explain your trading preference whether for intraday or positional trading, and we will suggest you the best indicator setup for your charts. You can also view each indicator detailed notes and sample trading videos in this website. This will help you choose the best trading system you have been wanting for.
What Is Inside
Highly Accurate Indicators
Super accurate AI powered indicators which result in perfect entry for your trades that result in consistent and reliable profit
Customized Trading Solutions
Send us your trading requirements and we will suggest you the best single indicator setup/Combined indicators for your chart
Smart Risk Management
Limit your losses and expand your trading profits
None of our indicators repaint in real time or any circumstances
Designed For All Types of Traders
No experience required, just follow the Buy/Sell signal
100% Plug
and Play
Easy installation. Start trading instantly
Our AI Powered Indicators
MAGICBAND consists of two lines above or below the candles which act as automatic support or resistance band in strong trending markets. Band changes colour as per the current trend automatically.
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SUNRISE – SUNSET Indicator consists of two coloured panels above or below 0. Whenever Yellow Panel appears above or below the Pink Panel, that’s where the momentum of price is fast gaining and we need to enter trades accordingly.
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EYEBALL indicator is our flag ship product which is price action based and gives automatically buy or sell signal on the chart. Choose your right time frame and trade with ease with this AI powered Buy/Sell signal indicator. Best investment for lifelong peaceful trading.
Power Combo Trading Systems
Click here to see our trading indicators combo plans along with sample charts.
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