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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Why choose MAGICBAND products?
    We have been into trading since last 8 years, and have been developing coding for indicators which are easy to be followed and same time, very powerful. Out of years of experience, we found only few indicators gave outstanding results in any market conditions and we decided to only publish the same, making frequent modifications and releasing new versions only to better the trading experience. The same trading systems we use for our regular trading, whether for forex, stocks, indices or commodities.
  • What is difference between a indicator and trading system?
    An indicator shows a visual representation of the mathematical formula and price inputs and is single calculation instrument. A Trading system is derived by attaching 2 or more indicators which will help you to analyse together and judge where you need to enter trades or book profits. For example, EYEBALL is single indicator and POWER COMBO -3 is a trading system consisting of 3 indicators on same chart – EYEBALL, SUNRISE-SUNSET and MAGICBAND
  • Why is a regular indicator like RSI or any related indicator not in your list of products?
    If you have witnessed the bull market period we are currently in from mid July 2020 to till date, even though RSI was showing overbought situations, indices or stocks were moving only higher. Many traders who shorted looking at RSI, would have been forced to book out with losses. Yes, shorting opportunities will be there, but your indicator should be able to give right entry for shorting. Each of our products have unique powerful purpose and that is the solution for any type of market. EYEBALL gives you best buy or sell entry, SUNRISE-SUNSET will give you where you need to exit the trade and MAGICBAND will act as support / resistance in mid of trade. These 3 are sufficient on your chart right from start to end of trade.
  • In which platform your indicators work?
    Currently our indicators work in tradingview platform only.
  • Are your indicators listed in public domain in tradingview?
    No, all our indicators can only be granted through private access and are not visible in public domain. Once you make the payment, we will grant you private access for lifetime and you can find them in “Invite - Only scripts” section.
  • Can I use your trading system on mobile also?
    Tradingview charting platform is available on both computer and mobile app. Once your trading system is installed on computer first, you can start using on mobile too.
  • What is the procedure to subscribe your indicators?
    Once you have gone through detailed information available on our single products and combo trading systems, just contact us on the link provided. Once we receive your payment, our team will contact you immediately and take your appointment for installing the desired indicators. Installation will take only few minutes.
  • Are there any recurring charges like monthly or yearly renewals or any other charges ?
    Absolutely no, all our products come with lifetime access and you need to pay only once before installation. No other charges will be there, just buy once and use for lifetime.
  • If you come out with any newer version of existing indicator, will my indicator be upgraded?"
    Once you make a purchase and indicator is installed in your system, you will be added to our database. Whenever we come up with upgraded versions, we will inform you immediately and upgrade your existing version. This is free for lifetime. You will also be added to our broadcast group where you will get regular updates on product information, so you will not miss anything from us.
  • Do you provide any reference material / learning videos to me once I purchase your indicator or trading system?
    As informed earlier, once you make a purchase, you will be added to our broadcast service where regularly we post all information on our existing products which include learning videos / live charts / key notes / other product information. So no worries, we will see that you will be updated on our information releases immediately.
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