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EYEBALL is our Flagship AI powered price action indicator based on ROC and ATR. Indicator easily identifies short term trends and instantaneously gives buy/sell signals.
It takes price action into consideration along with smoother version of ATR and slowly moves considering price and ROC. So the signals generated are very stable and reliable
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Short Term Volatility Is Removed Smoothly
EYEBALL has been designed in such a way that pullbacks/noises in trending markets are just ignored. This will help you to ride the trend till the last minute with ease and confidence.
Don't Worry About Short Term Volatility
This AI powered indicator filters out unnecessary noise on charts, helps you to stay focused on trend till last minute and this is the real test for any indicator.
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Ride Big Trends With Confidence
Catch the big trends in trending markets. EYEBALL identifies the reversal on charts easily and gives out prompt signals.
SUNRISE - SUNSET AI Powered indicator identifies areas of strong momentum in the chart and only gives entries when all predefined conditions on buy/sell are met. So now you need not worry about entry/exit points. Also the indicator easily identifies non momentum areas where you shouldn’t trade.
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Conditions For Buy Setup Using “SUNRISE -SUNSET”
When you see GREEN panel rising above RED panel, its time to buy and hold longs. Book profits when Green panel disappears from the chart. Its easy to spot the areas of strong price action, thanks to indicator panel design.
Conditions For Sell Setup Using “SUNRISE -SUNSET”
When you see GREEN panel going below RED panel, its time to sell and hold shorts. Book profits when Green panel disappears from the chart.
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Conditions For “NO – TRADE” Zone
When you see only RED colour panel on screen, it means price is consolidating. No trades here as market is directionless. Wait for next buy/sell signal to start.
Now you can easily spot areas where to take buy / sell entries and where to avoid any trades using our “SUNRISE – SUNSET” AI powered Indicator.
MAGICBAND indicator consists of two lines which will be acting as automatic support / resistance in trending markets. Band changes color as per change in trend.
When MAGICBAND turns from red to green, means buyers are stepping in and we should enter long positions. Similarly, when MAGICBAND turns from green to red, means sellers are stepping in and we should enter short positions. Book profits when band changes to opposite color.
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Behold, there is more to MAGICBAND !! Now you can add background colour as per current trend in the market. Both MAGICBAND and background colour will be same, giving you easy visual of market trend.
MAGICBAND gives you an edge to trade markets easier with strong visual approach.
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