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Customize Your Charts

Stock Market
All our indicators are accessible in Tradingview charting platform which allows chart customizations as per your preference. You can fully customize our trading indicators as per your colour taste, but we recommend to use our predefined length parameters in indicators for best trading results.
C 1.png
C 2.png
Add a bit of fun by customizing your own charts and choose styles which make you feel comfortable. You can choose both charts background and indicators colours to suit your two-tone colour view

Classic Green and Red combo gives your chart a complete look with all powerful tools in single chart.

While EYEBALL and MAGICBAND show the trend direction, SUNRISE showing where the trend strength is strong and where you need to exit. Personally our top preference for a powerful trading system. Look for areas where all the three indicators are showing same signal, that’s the triple confirmation for strongest buy / sell on a chart.

C 3.png
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